Blood Inc

was born in 2009 but the idea was in us long, long before. As long ago as we care to remember. Like pretty much everything else, we realised if you want something done properly then you gotta shape up, shut up and do it yourself.
So here we are. Straight out the blocks with


A 28 page comic sized book of honest, blood on the page short stories, illustrations and an absolutely merciless mixtape CD entitled

Kill The Rich Or Die Trying.

Its a culmination of years of watching, waiting, listening and learning. And what we learned is this.
The bores and the zealots, the leeches and the fakes and the spineless, spoilt sycophants have all had their day. There's a new ride in town. Buy the ticket, take the ride!!


- 28 pages of no nonsense, blood on the page short story fiction from amongst others, John Niven ( author of Kill Your Friends, The Amateurs ), Steve Hussy (Editor of & Contributor to Murder Slim & Savage Kick Literary Magazine) and Brian S Ellis (author of Experiments In Uncontrolled Freedom ). Artwork and illustrations come courtesy of our favourite London Artist, Oliver Shaw, aka The Shaw. If that wasn't enough, we're also giving away a free CD of music and poetry. The CD booklet features the final 2 poems from Scotland's infamous underground writer and agitator Jackie Gilroy (author of Thugs & Thieves) appropriately titled Thats All Folks. Musically, Cody High School's Gil De Ray serves up an un-compromising hour long mix entitled Kill The Rich Or Die Trying featuring amongst others Sun Ra, Charles Bukowski, MC5, Hunter S Thompson, Afrika Bambaata, John Lydon, Buffalo Springfield, The Misunderstood, The Modern Lovers and The Cairo Jazz Band to name a few! All this for an absolute bargain price of £3.95 (plus £1.05 p&p)